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Welcome to artiequinn! The only community dedicated to the relationship between Glee's Artie Abrams and Quinn Fabray.
1. This community focuses on the shipping of Artie Abrams and Quinn Fabray, therefore all posts need to be related to those topics.
1.5 Posts may also be related to Kevin McHale/Dianna Agron -- though this community is not designated for their shipping.
2. No flames. If you don't like what someone else has written, ignore it. I know it's hard sometimes, but everyone is entitled to their opinion without someone else making hurtful or degrading comments.
3. Please tag your posts. The community's tags can be found HERE. If you need a tag added, please use the '!tag me' tag and the moderator will take care of it.
4. Please put all images larger than 500 pixels wide (or 3 100x100 "teasers", if you're posting icons) behind a cut.
5. Please follow posting formats found HERE!
If you'd like to affiliate with us please leave a comment in this entry HERE!

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